Saturday, March 21, 2009

Join Smile City NZ and Earn Dollars for Nix

Are you a member of Smile City yet? If not you are missing out on the opportunity to gain valuable rewards for shopping online. Smile City is New Zealand's leading Online Loyalty Program. According to Smile City over 125,000 of New Zealanders are earning rewards for reading emails, answering surveys and shopping online. It is also an online community where Kiwis can discuss issues and meet new people. A further benefit in becoming a member of Smile City is the chance to win $10,000 drawn every four months.

Join Smile City - NZ Loyalty Program

How Do I Join Smile City?
It is free to join Smile City. To become a member you need to be a New Zealand resident and aged 14 years or older.

To join click here and follow the easy online instructions. You can choose to supply as little or as much private information as you wish. Smile City never shares your information.

How Do I Earn Reward Points?
At Smile City you earn rewards points for online shopping, reading email, answering surveys and clicking on links. When you have accrued enough reward points these points can be cashed in for real cash, gift vouchers or to pay for online auctions.

Start Earning Reward Points. Join SmileCity today!

Who are Smile City Shopping Reward Partners?
Smile City has many rewards partners and still more joining all the time. The range is quite wide too. For example Airport Parking, Just Tees, Ready Flowers, Vista Print, Apollo Car Rentals, Smart Buy Glasses, Fishpond, Mighty Ape, Free Parking, IQ Toys, Bond and Bond, Dell Computers, iSubscribe to name just a few.

Making the Most of What Smile City Has to Offer
To get the most out of Smile City you need to be an active member. There are some regular activities, that if you choose to participate in, will earn you rewards points.

Free Ways to Earn Reward Points
  • Answer a quick daily survey question for 3 reward points
  • Click on a daily click link for 2 reward points
  • Click on regular Reward Mail for 5 reward points
  • Answer longer surveys for 50-300 rewards points
  • Refer a friend for 200 points awarded once they gain 400 points
  • Deposit reward points in the EBank and earn interest points

Keep Track of Your Smile City Reward Mail
Smile City has a user friendly interface that helps you keep track of your reward mail and surveys.

Accumulating rewards points takes a while and requires a fair amount of commitment if you are only participating in free activites. If you shop regularly with Smile City designated reward partners you will gain points from your purchases. Typically around 2 points for each $1 spent. However, it is technically possible to gain enough rewards points in 9 months to a year to cash out without having spent a single cent.

By referring your friends to Smile City you can gain a lot of extra rewards points. If you make more than 50 referrals you could qualify for the Smile City Rewards Affliate Program. Remember though that each person referred must earn 400 points before you receive your 200 points. One way to boost your referrals is to link to Smile City either using a banner as I have done on this site or by text links or both. You can also place a link at the bottom of your emails. I have not found this particularly successful method of gain referrals but I can but hope.

Refer Friends and Boost Your Rewards

How Do I Keep Track of My Smile City Rewards Points?
To keep track of all those reward points and how to earn them Smile City provides an easy navigation menu. You can check the balance of your account at any time by navigating to the balances page. Plus you can see the balance of points available to spend displayed at the top of each page along the number of experience points you have and the number of entries into the $10,000 draw. On the EBank page you can deposit reward points and gain interest which is awarded in further reward points. A complete list of rewards points awarded and their source is available to view at any time.

Keep Track of All Your Smile City Rewards Points from the Balances Page
How Many Rewards Points Do I Need to Cash Out?
In order to redeem your Smile City Reward Points you need around 3,300 points which is worth about $30.00 in real money. alternatively you can wait until you have accumulated 10,100 points and earn a big fat cheque of $100.00. If you are not particularly interested in the cash you can, as many people do, donate your points to charity. Other options are to spend the reward points on auctions or redeem your points for flowers or CD's by choosing the gift voucher option.

Whether you are a serious online shopper, just want to have a play or would like to earn dollars for nix then Smile City offers a way to do any of these. This article has discussed some of the benefits and reasons for joining Smile City and ways to make the most out of membership to New Zealand's #1 Online Rewards Program - Smile City.


Cashman said...

Thanks for such an in depth article about Smile City. Made joining a no brainer for me.

Russ Benk said...

Yeah, I recommend anyone who lives in nz should join this site. I have been paid twice so far.

Russ Benk said...

I have been paid 6 times so far by SmileCity, so to those of you unsure of joining, I vouch for it.