Monday, August 16, 2010

All Time Top 5 Funniest Videos on YouTube

The Best That YouTube Has to Offer in Humour

Watching videos on YouTube has become a favourite pasttime of many of the young and the not so young. Today I bring you a collection of the top 5 funniest videos to be found on YouTube.

What each of us finds funny varies greatly but I am sure you will agree that you can't argue with statistics. Each of these YouTube videos have had massive page views and have been a runaway success on YouTube. Each is funny in its own way and can not really be compared to the other. Enjoy or not. That decision is totally over to you.

  1. Charlie the Unicorn

    Charlie the Unicorn animated videos are a still one of the biggest sensations on YouTube. The first Charlie the Unicorn video is where it all began. Find out what Charlie's friends have in store for him at Candy Mountain if you dare.

  2. My Spoon is Too Big
    What could possibly be so funny about an encounter between a stick figure holding a spoon and a banana? Watch to find out.

  3. The Evolution of Dance
    Judson Laipply’s comic dance routine the “Evolution of Dance” will have you in stitches. This YouTube video has received close to 150 million views.

  4. Daft Hands - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
    Clever and creative hand dance routine choreographed to the song "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger." More than one million views on YouTube alone

  5. Nostalgia Critic - 50 Impressions in 50 Seconds
    50 impressions of celebrities in just 50 seconds. Be sure to catch this funny guy as takes off everyone from Marlon Brando to George Bush. Not quite at a million views but worth every second.

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